Hunker Help IV, older kids edition

I’ve heard from a few of you with older kids. Those with Middle School and older kids this is for you.

It is NOT going to be easy to talk your older child into doing work over Spring Break. They understand a bit more and Spring Break is probably non-negotiable for them. Once online school starts (for those in private), they will know that break is over and should adjust. They will be able to comprehend that while they still hunker school is now in session so I wouldn’t be as concerned over the lack of structure for them right now.

But that said…they must be driving you CRAZY!

 Have they turned in internet zombies yet?

So my advice would be to take this time to allow your child to do something “adult” and learn a new skill. Something they could never do in school. They also want to be online for them it feels like a lifeline. Life for this age is defined by others. Social distancing can feel like a life sentence! So fighting screen time will be HARD, but you can make it meaningful. There are LOADS of online certifications. Most are taught with online videos and readings and are self-paced.

Here are some ideas. Some may require a little white lie. For example, I signed Benno up for both boating and CPR certification and made him 21 years old. Shhh. 

  1. Got a diva at home?! Let him/her become a  make-up artist!  Hey, you can look good while you hunker!
  2. Summer is a coming! Why not go boating.  NY state boating license This may come in handy if you need to flee by boat (lol).
  3. Get CPR certified. Great for those who want to be doctors
  4. Hair styling. Maybe your older child can fix your roots!
  5. Medical Assistant Knowledge Exam. First step towards becoming a doctor!
  6. Bartending! Maybe that will make the hunker better. You will have a professional in house bartender! Of course, I’m just kidding. Or am I?!
  7. Is your child destined for sales! Check out marketing courses
  8. FEMA offers loads of online courses, which may feel appropriate and interesting to your child right now.
  9. Does you kid shine like a diamond? Well, then they should know how to value them with a geology certification. 
  10. Dog Psychologist? Yes this exists.
  11. Praying for things to get better? Become ordained!
  12. Go to Harvard and take an intro to computer science Or learn python online.
  13. Got an inventor? They will need to know how to model in a 3D environment
  14. Budding architects go here. 
  15. Have a child that can’t stop debating you at home. Put that mouth to good use. Start his/her lawyer career now.

And for those kids, you can’t get off of Roblox. Make a rule that they need to give back to the community and create a game. 

The good news older kid parents is online learning is so much more robust for you. There have been loads of development in your age range. It will go better, but for now…GOOD LUCK!

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