Trivia Night


Please join us every Thursday night for FAMILY TRIVIA!

Step 1: Say yes.

Step 2: Have fun making up a team name. Hey, that’s an activity! What will you wear in your hunker? Maybe a family of onesies? That’s happened. It will happen at some point. Wait for it…

Step 3: Show up by clicking here. That’s it. Refreshingly it.

Step 4. Quick introduction of each team. Example: We are the Brodys and we are team SKIPPER! 

Step 5: The email address you need (will explain on call) is

We really hope you can make it!

The bigger idea would be to rotate hosting. This is a GREAT activity for you to do with your kids (if you are speaking to them). They can come up with the questions! It will be adorable and adults feel to chime in with your questions too. It will be fun!

We will post the answers and the top 10 after. 

Let the hunkering games begin! (We are semi-pros by the way…just saying)

The Brodys

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