Hunker Good

It’s so strange to share this experience with you all. 


 I never wished this on anyone, but now you are in it and I want to share the BEST parts. There are AMAZING things you will experience and treasure them. I never thought of writing about them before as how could you understand, but now you do.

The first: You will fall in love all over again. You will.

Your spouse is truly going to be your partner again. You will be a team. In this type of situation, there is no one who “knows better.” There is no one who gets to “go to work,” which always makes the one left at home feel like they aren’t doing “work.” You will be on an equal footing like never before. You will listen like you never have before. And you will spend time like you never have before. Date night, every night. And you will see how lucky you are. How life is truly interdependent. That life is best shared. You will never be closer. Revel in this. You did good with this one:)

You will be living in the NOW. You will be more aware of things (and I mean beyond germs). You will be all there. If you’re not feeling that yet, you will. For those who are still watching the news every second that will end. You will accept your hunker reality and start living it. You will be much more in your body. It’s strange. One day it will HIT you.

You will surprise yourself. You have skills you never knew. Some of you have already written to me about this. I never knew I could do this! I am even having fun with my child in school. 

You may find a new love of learning. This may be a me thing. But this is a great time to learn something new. Maybe learn an instrument. I started working out. I never felt it was worth my time earlier. And I’m reading textbooks on physics! Who would have thought that?! Or for many of you working parents, the pleasure of reading a book will come back.

Happy Hunker!

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