Did I miss an act?

I’m convinced I missed an act. I’m lost in the storyline! Did I spend too long in the bathroom at intermission?! Did I miss something?! Who wrote this thing?!

The characters do not seem aware of the news dropped prior to the break for intermission. The main character is NED, but yet the second act seems the same as the first, if anything, more complicated. If Jacob was rating this show, I know what he would rate it. “Zero stars!” There are still no unicorns or glitter parties. No mass musical of all of the cast in a rejoicing number. No Rent “Seasons of love.”

How is Jacob NED and nothing has changed. Actually, his care is ramping up?! So I get your confusion. Join the club. I’m the president of the “huh?” club (PG name).

But with cancer there are “protocols” and Jacob isn’t done with his treatment. He even had a higher dose (SO confusing!!!) of immunotherapy yesterday and his daily shot dosage was DOUBLED. 

And life has gotten MORE complicated. 

Last night when Jacob’s skin turned into a mosaic of hives (this was new) and his temperature started to raise, we had a whole new kink in our usual cancer debates. Normally a run to the hospital was in order, but we are trying to LIMIT his time at the hospital. Limit his possible exposure. Limit his time in a place full of immune-suppressed individuals. We need him healthy or he will be denied treatment. We had to factor all this in. What is more probable a line infection going to the heart that could lead to a fatality or just a normal temperature rise from immunotherapy? Normally we just go to the hospital and never debate it, but last night we didn’t. Too risky. We need the radiation starting March 30th. Jacob needs to stay virus-free so we used our judgment. Geez.

Good news is we made the right call. Jacob was fine. Jacob’s hives went away with 2 doses of meds. He is back to looking like a buddha as his blood pressure dropped low during treatment so they pumped him with fluids. So he is adorably puffy. AND we have a day off from the hospital today!

We are having a normal day here. A normal homeschool day like the past 9 months. I prefer when Benno is present so we are having a good time. More kids the better! And congrats to ALL of you. Overachievers you all are. I’ve seen your videos and pics. Impressed! Not surprised. You are incredibly smart capable women and men. Of course, you can do this. The most important part? HAVE FUN DOING IT TOO!

In school today (for those who are looking for activities) we had a “store.” I found all these forgotten toys and made the kids rebuy them using a pile of coins I put in the middle. I also made sure that they couldn’t rebuy all of the toys so they had to make choices. YES! Spring cleaning and math in one:) Not only did they practice their money, but they also rediscovered forgotten toys and played with them for half an hour after.

We also had a guest teacher! Having Steve home is so much better. I was doing this solo for so long. See shop class.

And thank you fellow Nightwing family for this gift. The boys in tech today, built this baby and in art we designed some yummy treats.

Tomorrow back to the hospital where I am going to ask the question, how many acts are there?!

I guess like all good entertainment…it comes in threes. Looking forward to the third act.


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