Kid heroes

The coronavirus will turn out to be man’s greatest equalizer. Corona doesn’t see color, understand the value of the dollar, nor care if or how you pray. We are all boiled down to our cells. All humans. No different than your neighbor. 

There is a teachable moment here. 

We are all one.

I’ve also been drilling into my kids’ heads that we hunker as a civic duty. That they are soldiers and play a role. Your kids hunker not to protect themselves (reinforce how kids do NOT get sick if you haven’t), but you are doing it for others. Heck, tell them they hunker for Jacob. Tell them they hunker for all the kids with compromised immunity. They hunker for grandma. They hunker for those who can’t hunker like our healthcare professional.

Tell them they are heroes!

Often most emergencies do not call on children nor is there a role for them to play. This is unique. Children are part of the solution. They are needed to sacrifice (school, activities, etc) for this fight. Make sure to “thank them for their service.” Acknowledge what they are sacrificing for our country.

Benno may be listening too well;)

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  1. Beautiful. Perfectly said. And I agree 100 percent. I’ve seen my end. I saw death up close and very personally. So my relationship with fear doesn’t match most. We need to live to breathe to believe and in the mean time…. love. Because love is the only answer. Baby girl, huge kiss. Your courage and truth will inspire the troops. Keep on talking. Love you. Jen

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