Once upon a time

There was a baby. On the outside, he was nothing to note. 10 toes. 10 fingers. He cried. He pooped. 

But he was not normal.

Anything but.

He had strength and perseverance. His strength was with him from birth. 

At 1.5 years old, rumors say that he started doing yard work. That around town you could see strange feats of strength. Like scooting before running. On one leg to boot

Legends say he was born with baby super strength to shut up his older brother who was also born with a gift, a super mouth. The only way to shut that thing up…sit on it!

His strength allowed him to dominate.

He took no prisoners.

He even defeated cancer. 

Then life threw a world pandemic at him. Everywhere he turned obstacles, but he has a secret…he has another name that he can call on, NIGHTWING.

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