City hunker

I know so many of you are away. You have fled the city to hunker. Good call. Its nice to have space. Hunkering in a house is way easier than an apartment. Social distancing in the suburbs is better.

We aren’t so fortunate. 

We not only have to be in the city for the next month but will also spend it at a hospital full of immune suppressed people. Tomorrow Jacob starts immunotherapy. He will have it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and it is a higher dose than usual. Before he had the therapy spread out over 2 weeks at lower doses. So again we expect the unexpected, but we can expect the midnight runs to the hospital with fever spikes. And due to hospital new protocols over Carona, only Steve and I are allowed to be present with Jacob. I can’t go alone to these appointments, therefore, Steve will have to come,  putting Steve at greater risk. The whole thing makes my head spin.

And on the 30th Jacob will start radiation, which suppresses the immune system. Just in time for the big wave predicted. Perfect. 

But like every challenge we have faced thus far, this will be no exception. We will get through it.

Wishing all of you a good hunker and a reminder that you really don’t need to freak.

Hey- you aren’t the Brodys and if we aren’t freaking, you shouldn’t either.  This too shall pass.

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