The hunkering truth

Not going to plan, huh?

Kids not game to your ideas of fun? No surveys to be had?

Want to cry in a closet? Maybe not yet…it will come. 

Welcome to my world. All normal. All the way it goes. And I apologize for not writing this earlier. I apologize for “insta life.” All the records we share of the positive. All the pics we share when we snap. And I’m guilty of sharing only that world.

But most of life isn’t snapped. 

I would argue 95% is not snapped. Whipping out your phone as you threaten your children with their lives if they don’t finish their reading never happens. Or when your children scream at each other all day, so you just scream louder, never captured. And yesterday when I called one of my children a “dickhead,” not for anyone’s ears but mine.

But I feel just as defeated as you. I’m just used to it. I’ve been doing this for close to 9months. I’ve hunkered that long.

And here is my best advice. I can’t say it’s mine. I stole it. It’s my mom’s.

“They will be a professor a day later.”

Which translates in my head to LET IT GO! Who cares if they finish their HW or do your hunker activities?! Does it REALLY matter?! Who is most upset? You. Most likely as the screenplay that you created in your head of the day does not match the reality of the movie playing. But they don’t know of such a script. They didn’t know they had roles to “play.”

It is one day. One day. Throw on a movie. Take care of your own mental health.

See…there is a secret to school. There is a reason why you can’t execute like a “teacher” and guess what it has NOTHING to do with you not being a certified with some degree, it is rather you are mom. And yes, they behave terribly around you. WHY? They trust you, they feel safer around you than anyone, they can be this terrible and you will still love them. So they are.

And then you are also missing this key ingredient…the “mob.”

Mob mentality and pack mentality describes how people can be influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors. Us teachers (normally) have numbers on our side. The more the kids, oddly the easier, especially when you bring them to a “space” that screams institution. They just fall into their chairs and rows. 

So STOP being so hard on yourself. STOP.

I’ve been there. I’ve even been so low that I just let my kids be on their technology for 24 hours straight for a week. So low that I couldn’t put on a show.

And you know what?

They will be a professor a week later.

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  1. Thank you for this, thank you so much. I think everyone looks up to you so much as an educator that knowing you have the same issues and are doing the same things is reassuring. You are so right. I get so mad when we don’t follow “the schedule” and it’s been what, 3 days? Ridiculous and need to let it go!

    Love You

    Jamie Roy 917-576-5228


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