So many questions. Answering them here.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It means that there is no active cancer in his body. It means he is a freaking rockstar. 

WHAT’S NEXT? Unfortunately, it doesn’t change much. NO more chemo! However, we still need to have radiation and 5 months of immunotherapy. Followed by a vaccine that is administered over a year. You don’t mess with neuroblastoma. All of the additional treatment is to keep him clean so he doesn’t relapse. There is a 50% relapse rate with this cancer.

WHAT IS JACOB DOING? Watching his iPad. He doesn’t know. I’m not clear what to say to him as we still have a year + of hospital visits. And remember he doesn’t think cancer is a bad thing so status quo here.

CAN JACOB GO BACK TO SCHOOL? If it is open…YES! I already wrote the school asking how to re-enroll. He will miss one week a month, but will finish the year with his friends!

HOW AM I DOING? Numb. Just numb. I haven’t really processed it yet. Is it weird that I just want to go home and nap? Maybe I’ll sleep for a week!

SO WHAT DID IT?! Lots of you have asked what of the many treatments worked for Jacob. How can a stage 4, high risk, chemoresistant neuroblastoma clear up?! Let’s just say I have my theories. Not time to share, but I will spend the rest of my life doing that so you won’t have to wait long. #newlifepurpose

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