Dear Democratic Party,

You do listen. You do!

You are getting it! YES! We needed one voice. We needed one song to dance to. Biden will do!

Pete, Amy, and Mike thank you. Thank you for your service. Thank you for raising your hand to beat this president. For putting yourself in a spot that sadly comes with attacks on your personal life and character. And then doing the even harder part, putting your hand down. That is a true leader. One who puts ego aside, one that does what is best for the people and our country.

I’m excited about Biden. I’ve always been impressed by him personally.  He is one of the people who understands the value of life. It’s sad that you can only really know how precious and fleeting life is by experiencing loss. I’ve learned that over these last couple of months. People who are touched by death, walk differently in this world. They walk with an unseen purpose.  They walk to honor others.

People tend to forget Joe’s story. He lost his wife and daughter in a tragic car accident and then his son to cancer. Honestly…I really can’t imagine and the fact that he wakes up every day and continue to not just walk, but walk for our country. I hope to one day shake his hand. I hope to one day be in the room when he passes legislature to combat cancer. Maybe I can get a pen! Of all people he will fight for our children’s healthcare. You get it. You do. You are cancer dad.

So on behalf of all the other cancer moms and dads… RUN BIDEN RUN. We got your back over here. We are rooting for you. We know you are rooting for our children. In the honor of Beau, your son, let’s beat TRUMP and CANCER.

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