Bridge over troubled water

Dear Bridge Over Troubled Waters,

I choose you first in the room of waiting. I choose you first to write about as I decide to mark the most influential songs of my life. To thank them for the music. To thank them for getting me through this.

So you first.

Steve and I choose to get married to your harmony. We had reasons. We had some turbulent waters to get over. There was no smooth sailing prior to your safe harbor. Steve and I both went through a lot of pain prior to finding each other.

We both needed a bridge. We needed each other. Your song represents that.

And together we crossed it and stood right in the middle. We stood over those waters and pledged to be one. To continue to be bridges for each other. And there we said our vows as those troubled waters raged below us.

But like the overconfident youth we were, we also choose to dive right in, to those very waters, but this time, together.

And they weren’t scary anymore. 

And I remember feeling “safe” for the first time. Feeling like everything that happened in the past was over. Even the abusive relationship that took a big piece of me was in the past. Only smooth waters ahead.  Only smooth sailing.

I truly thought I had had my bad “thing.” That life-defining bad moment. Everybody has a “thing,” right?! I thought that was over. But I guess it doesn’t work like that. As the “things” haven’t stopped…

But I have a bridge. That I have. Thank you for the shelter. You ease the mind.

Oh, if you need a friend

I’m sailing right behind

Like a bridge over troubled water

I will ease your mind

Like a bridge over troubled water

I will ease your mind

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