Auld Lang Syne

Dear Auld Lang Syne (Bare Naked Ladies Version),

You will be number two.

You also mark moments in time and this is not just on my timeline. You usher in beginnings for everyone. Your lyrics are spoken across the world every December 31st, since the 1700s. 

However, I bet very few know your meaning. I bet few know that you are calling us not to forget as we move forward with our glasses raised. Your rhetorical question asks us to remember the love and friendships that got you to where you are right here and now. To not forget to toast the year that is passing with appreciation as you clink glasses to the future ahead. 

 Auld Lang Syne translates to “days gone by” or “old times.” Your lyrics tell us not to forget the friendships of the past as we walk into the New Year. I take this oath seriously as I invite ALL my friends for New Years. No old acquaintance will be forgot at our table. We honor and celebrate everyone. And you are right, it is worth it. It is important to thank and recognize everyone who got you where you are in life. 

So thank you too.


Should Old Acquaintance be forgot,

and never thought upon;

The flames of Love extinguished,

and fully past and gone:

Is thy sweet Heart now grown so cold,

that loving Breast of thine;

That thou canst never once reflect

On old long syne.


On old long syne my Jo,

On old long syne,

That thou canst never once reflect,

On old long syne.

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