Thank you all for reaching out regarding this virus. I know everyone is rattled and the fact that you are thinking of Jacob is so kind.

Jacob is currently in an okay state. He isn’t immune suppressed as he has recovered from the round so, in theory, his chances of getting this virus are the same as anyone else. We are hoping after these scans (AHHH) that we will be done with chemo. If Jacob needs to start another round of chemo…I may officially begin the freakout, but at the moment I have enough to worry about with this virus.

Steve. Steve. Steve.

While everyone is concerned about Jacob (which I SO appreciate), you tend to forget that Steve is the most at risk for this virus. That whole one lung situation is not favorable. An everyday cold is hard for Steve. This virus would be very dangerous.

We have oxygen tanks in the house and I know my prepper husband is uber prepared, but I can’t help feeling anxious. I’ve seen Steve struggle for air before. I still remember the day we learned he had a mass as big as a baseball in his lungs and that he most likely had  “less than a year.” 

Exhale. Just what I needed. People keep telling me that strong people get the greatest tests in life because they can handle it. That is sweet, but come on?! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

So that is where my head is with this virus. Concerned about Steve, but also trying to live life as one thing I’ve learned, tomorrow is not promised. So at the moment I’m keeping everything in perspective (east coast is still okay) and trying to live life to the fullest with our new pet (meet Manatee Brody).

But I do want to answer all the questions I’m receiving. I love how you all assume we are experts on this thing, lol. I do know a thing or two about “hunkering.” I hope to not have to welcome you to this club. But I am happy to be there for you if needed. First piece of advice is to get all prescriptions refilled and get those kiddos to WASH those hands. Hand washing is still your best offense. Keep hand wipes on hand when going out in public and set an alarm on your phone for every 30 minutes and wipe those hands down.

A few of you have reached out regarding what will happen to private schools. They will close, immediately. In China school has been closed for weeks and they are taking their “summer break” now. While I don’t know all the answers that you seek, I can answer this, no school is better prepared for this type of event than Avenues. No school has the capabilities to handle this like Avenues with Avenues Online and all of the technology they employ to bring the multiple campuses together. They are very ready. For my VCS parent friends, I have offered to consult for free for the school to help them prepare. I hope they take me up on it! Most schools should be preparing for distant learning platforms and be testing them this week. 

For any Nightwing children that don’t have schools equipped to have distant learning opportunities, I would be happy to speak to them or help you in any way. I hope you don’t have to take me up on this offer! 

I hope this is all ridiculous talk, but I think we all know its not…

What scares me most is our government’s ability to deal with it. The lack of trust out of the white house is very real and that will make this so much scarier. People will second guess information coming from this administration which will make things more chaotic and rightfully so. How does one trust a man who lies DAILY about nothing?

I applaud Bloomberg for addressing the nation about this virus TONIGHT on CBS & NBC (8:30pm during commercial breaks), but see it first HERE. Bloomberg’s track record on health emergencies is exemplary and he funds some of the greatest minds on these topics at Johns Hopkins. I will be looking for leadership in people like him during this time for sure.

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  1. Having a manatee swim up to hang out with you on your boat is amazing! Better luck than seeing a double rainbow in my humble opinion. Sending much love and thin mints if you are out of your current batch? ❤️❤️❤️

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