Dear Democratic Party

I like a good party. 

Scratch that. I love a good party.

I like to dance. I like being around people. I love the energy of everyone in one space committed for just that minute to being there and nowhere else. And usually, a party has a rally cry. It could be a birthday, an anniversary, etc. Everyone rallying together.

So I get you, democratic party. I understand why you exist, strength in numbers. Power of many, but yet you seem to miss the most important part, a rally cry. A united message. A party with one band not seventy. Tell me how you dance to 7 different songs at once? You can’t.

So I’m frustrated. Maybe you are too.

I want to take the moral compass and eloquence of Pete, the legislative experience of Amy, the human connection of Biden (especially when he talks about cancer), the passion and energy of Elizabeth, the future thinking of Yang, with the ability to get shit DONE (evidenced by his decades of success and giving) by Bloomberg.

One can dream right? One can dream of a party with one rally cry. 

But I will pass on Sanders. While I like his message of empowering the youth, I think anyone who knows basic math knows that this ain’t real. And that this message will never beat Trump as his message has the democratic party already divided 50% against 50%, the other half of the 50, dividing the votes among the rest. He will never bring the nation together. Sanders = 4 more years of Trump.

So what will happen? What will be?

For one…I can’t wait for you to get your shit together because today we received our genetic analysis report. We are lucky enough to have access to the top technology and we had our exome sequencing done on our entire family. This is rare and an odd expensive thing to do, but we had to. We have had two rare cancers in our family so we needed to know for our other family members safety and guess what? NO genetic link.

We completed our analysis of your family’s genomes and have found no genetic changes that we could attribute to neuroblastoma risk or cancer risk in general.  We used a few tools that consider genes/proteins that work in similar pathways and didn’t find anything.” 

So that leaves only the environment. That means that the world is slowly poisoning us, all of our children, changing our cells and theirs. So four more years of environmental rollbacks is NOT okay. Even four months of more Trump policies is NOT okay. 

Who is protecting us?! WHO?!

So get your ass together.

If all the candidates truly believe that they are running for the people than come together for the people and decide a front runner and stop splitting the votes. We are looking for leadership.

We only have parties for the power of numbers. So get your ass together and throw a freaking party!


Angry Cancer Mom

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