Placebo Effect

I’m geeking out on the placebo effect. 

It’s not a new concept, but I am thinking about it in a new way. Thinking about its implications outside of scientific trials. Thinking beyond drug efficacy. Its implications for every breath we take.

The placebo effect has been known since the 1700’s when doctors did not have medicines to help a lot of diseases. The doctors noticed that if they gave their patients “something,” (even simple syrup or injection of water), their patients reported feeling better. The name reflects this early discovery. In Latin placebo means “I shall please.” It allowed the doc to please the patient. But it did more than that, much more.

We now hear about placeboes as part of control groups in clinical trials. And it exists there too. The effect can range in any given study, but it can be as high as 72%.

And this result is pure human expectations. 

Pure human expectations.

Just thoughts.

Just ideas.

Just our minds.

What we expect to happen… we make happen.

Exactly how this happens depends on the science journal you read, but numerous studies point to endorphins.

Well..that is something. 

We do have some agency over the body. We are able to create changes from within. We are able to change outcomes. The placebo effect proves that thoughts can create reality.

Think about that. 


Whatever we expect to be true, we can make true. 

Therefore, what we expect out of life, will most likely will get. If we expect life as a series of obstacles, there you have it, wall after wall. But what if we expect life to be an adventure of fun. Hmmm?

And I’m seeing it first hand. Jacob has cancer. He does. But he associates cancer with everyday life. Dad had cancer. All those kids around him cancer. This is no big deal. Nothing like a broken bone (heaven forbid!). He has no other thought than positivity. And the result? A kid doing THIS just days after finishing a round of treatment. 

This “shouldn’t” be possible, but he created it.

And now Steve is creating his own “shouldn’t be possible.” We are sailing away in the middle of the night. Thanks to the head rig to hold his night vision google designed by Steve himself.

I wonder where Jacob gets his inner warrior? 😂

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