Running and pedaling- OH MY!

Running and now pedaling…oy.

As if running wasn’t torture enough…I’ve signed up for some more exercise.

This is not the norm, but when you see a group of people do good, you’ve got to join. Especially when this team is full of my high school friends who continue to be a shoulder to cry on to this day.

When I read the below from Sarah and Dan Fabian (high school friends of mine) who are joining team Resnick (also friends), I was in! 

But it gets better…I signed up Steve too (shhhhhh). This will be memorable. Hopefully, it doesn’t end with an ambulance! You’ve got to donate to see this!

This year we ride in honor of a very special boy, a real life super hero, named Jacob Brody. Jacob is the 6 year old son of a very close childhood friend, and he is battling stage IV Neuroblastoma with more strength and bravery than all of us combined.   He is being treated at MSKCC and 100% of the funds we raise go directly to MSKCC. The donations go to the most promising research and clinical trials, and have led to better treatments for Jacob and cancer patients worldwide.  

We ride in the hopes of a better future for our girls. We ride to support the amazing doctors, nurses, and researchers who helped pave the way for so many to beat this horrible disease. We ride to honor the memory of too many loved ones lost by friends and family.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this event, Cycle for Survival is the high-energy indoor team cycling event that provides a tangible way to beat rare cancers. Spinning bikes will take over the floors of Equinox’s all around the country, and we can’t wait to experience the invigorating environment and the amazing energy that is brought by everyone at the event.

Please click here if you’d like to make a donation: 

Please donate to our team anything that you feel is appropriate, no amount is too small! Cycle for Survival events have raised over $231 million to date!

Thank you for your support.


Sarah and Dan (and Abby & Steve)

So let’s ride. Let’s ride like lives count on it, because they do. 

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  1. Done- and thank you for the opportunity to support you, Jacob and such a worthy cause!

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