It could be worse…you could be me:)

Just had an ah-ha moment. I realized that this blog is going to follow me for life. All of it. 

I googled myself.

While it’s only #4 on the list, the volume of it speaks the loudest. This blog will be the largest record in the written word of my existence. The written word is the most powerful. It is “quotable, “highlightable, you can even copy and paste it. The very words that I look to every day to find meaning, will also be how I will be defined. 

I started re-reading my blog with this reality in my mind. 

What would a future employer think? New friend? FUCK!

Have you read this thing?! This is a crazy person’s blog for sure. Especially given the fact that it just jumps! No logic. Chicks to EMF. Yoga to chemo! I only write when I can and it’s just what is on my mind. It’s for me. I know the thread. I know the links. I know the space between the posts. I know the space between words. But poor you…stuck with a crazy person.

I could feel my heart rate pick up. I was ready to start to perseverate about this. This could be the beginning of a life of anxiety and regret. There are enough words to perseverate on for a lifetime.

But I stopped myself. I just sighed and said “alrighty.” This is me.


So if you are having any anxiety about how you are perceived…just think of me! LOL. But seriously! I hope this I can give you, Nightwing. Peace of mind that no matter what, you don’t have a blog that tells all of your biggest secrets. You aren’t me.

Or maybe that’s the secret in life- no secrets! 

Isn’t the phrase “The truth will set you free!” 

So be it!

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