Flick Off

Scans (AHHH) are coming. 

March 3rd and 4th. 

Again there is no March 5th. We know nothing past March 4th. We don’t know where we will be. 

And as our lives hang in the balance, I know better than to attempt to predict or plan. Too many roads diverge in these woods.

But to give you an idea of the RANGE…it could be anything from back into the hospital immediately to Jacob being able to return to school. Talk about range, but the best possible outcome gives me chills.

Can you imagine Jacob going back to school?! HOW AMAZING! Nothing would make him happier. It would be THE moment. A moment I’ve only seen in dreams. You will probably have to carry me out of that school. I may pass out. That may be the moment where I just collapse from it all. 

So start flicking.  Flick your students out the door onto that bus. Flick them into their classroom. Let’s flick Jacob into school!  


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