I spy with my little eye…a cycle.

I actually didn’t spy, I just read it. I read my own writing and its confirmed. I’ve been here before. 

I’ve been “AHHHHH!” before.

 I’ve now counted about 6 of these cycles in my blog. Six times I’ve gone to the dark side in this journey.


Here I am mad at the world and its seeming irrationality, but here I am doing the same thing over and over again. Doing the same cycle of depression. The same cycle of woe me.

So that ends and Steve helped by reminding me how lucky we are.

We (Brodys) have SO much to be thankful for. Jacob is truly doing well. If there were cancer awards, I think we would be taking home gold. He hops around that hospital. He sits still as we give him his daily injections and we have had few complications. We know this all could be so much worse. 

There is a lot to be thankful for.

And Jacob has the support of you, Nightwing, and had a very special Valentine’s day thanks to you all.

The mail got dropped off and the Valentine’s did not stop. 

Oh boy, this boy is loved. 

The Scarlet Fund (again) showered him in love with dozens of Valentines and so did a first grade class in Long Island. Thank you! Thank you!

And as we combed through the dozens of Valentine’s, I asked him…who is your Valentine?! How are you going to choose from ALL of them?!

He looked at me and said. “It’s easy. It’s you!”


And yet…I let the outside world take that away.

NOTE: No Handsmaid’s tale and less news!

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