I’m having a day… or rather many days recently.

Last night was “one of those.” You know when everyone just starts vomiting.

It started with Benno at 1:30am and then Steve chimed in at 4:00am. And I seriously didn’t know what to do. Do I hold Benno? Do I clean up Steve’s vomit? Do I even touch him? Am I getting sick and then who can take Jacob to the hospital? What about Jacob?! Could this virus be deadly to him?!Jacob is day 7 of his chemo round. He is nearing the bottom of his immunity…


Seriously? Seriously?!

And it was just the icing. Truly just the icing. 

Prior to the vomit, I was ready to throw my hands in the air and cry, OKAY EVIL YOU WIN.

I was down.

I’ve recently learned that even with the laughable regulations on radiation that the Chicago Tribune did independent testing to verify results that cell phone companies comply with FCC regulations. It showed that the phones FAILED. They failed SAM. They failed a test that is already questionable. They failed our already HIGHEST radiation allowances in the entire world. WHO FREAKING REGULATES THIS STUFF?! Not only are the standards poor, but no one is even following them?!



And then to learn that as countries like Austria and Germany ban glyphosates in farming, we are INCREASING?! Huh?! How does that make sense? We are freaking America. 

 According to a February 2016 study, glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide: “In the U.S., no pesticide has come remotely close to such intensive and widespread use.” Like radiation exposure, this is a hotly debated topic. Does it cause harm or not?! Some studies say yes, but there is NO WAY anyone can argue that they definitively know the answer that it does NOT. But yet…in our food they go. A possible carcigen for you and you.

The EPA’s Cancer Assessment Review Committee (CARC) issued a report in September 2016 concluding that glyphosate was “not likely to be carcinogenic to humans” at doses relevant to human health. This feels so familiar. And when did not likely become okay?! When did “not likely'” be the green light to sprinkle it all over our foods.

In December 2016, the EPA convened a Scientific Advisory Panel to review the report; members were divided in their assessment of EPA’s work, with some finding the EPA erred in how it evaluated certain research. In April 2019, the EPA reaffirmed its position that glyphosate poses no risk to public health. But earlier that same month, the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) reported that there are links between glyphosate and cancer.


And don’t even begin digging into the background of the people this administration has put in charge of these regulations. My favorite being Perdue who says that he plans to rid the department of “onerous regulations” that do not contribute to a better environment. And this quote from Perdue is a doozy. “We don’t know definitively in my opinion what is causing climate change.”


I swear you can’t make this shit up. At times I wonder where Ashton Kutcher is. 


Where are you ASHTON?!

I’m being punked.

Your being punked.

We’re all being punked, right?!

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