Day 1 (again…)

Today is day 1. 

The beginning of counting begins. 

Counting up

Counting down

Counting left

Counting right

White blood cells, neutrophils, red blood cells, meds, it all begins today. Another cycle. 

This cycle should feel easier, we know what to “e” word, but it is anything but. The flu season is upon us. The flu seems to be everywhere. Benno is now sick (no flu thankfully), but that adds more logistically problems. We need to keep them apart again and when your life exists of only one playmate…it makes hunkering that more difficult, on all of us. 

So we go back into our hole today. It was nice seeing the sun for a bit. It was a nice break. I really do enjoy our game of pretending. 

But I do feel good about one thing, I got this guy who is ready for battle. Even his big brother is amazed by his strength.

And Jacob is THRILLED about his new hearing aids. He keeps asking if today is the day he gets them. “I can turn you down to level ZERO mom. I don’t have to hear a thing you say! It’s going to be great.”


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