Yoda Benno

It’s loud here. Like really loud.

I try and remind myself that Jacob doesn’t realize how loud he is and that it will be solved with hearing aids soon, but the anger is hard to manage and so are the headaches. 

He is so angry. Anything can really set Jacob off. 

The hospital says to be “e” word. That he has no control over his world. That his body is a pincushion. That he spends his days in a bed and that he will demonstrate any control he can when he can, but they also don’t live with him. 

But Benno does live with him. He even shares a room.  And he had an idea!

He asked if he could teach yoga and meditation when I homeschool Jacob. So we had a guess teacher the other day, yoda Benno.

He told me he needed a few minutes to grab his “materials.” I didn’t even know Benno knew where these artifacts from my trips in Asia were kept. I didn’t even know that my anxious child had such a command of meditation. He for sure didn’t get it from me. When asked, Benno told me that every day at VCS (his school) they do some sort of mindfulness work. WOW! Talk about a school that understands the importance of this work as the only constant we know about the information age of the technology revolution is CHANGE. Change will be constant. Humans will need to be able to adapt and deal with constant change. Having a way to stay grounded will become more and more essential. Very impressed with VCS for making the time for this work and I thank you from the Brodys.

So we have a new doctor in the house. A man of mindfulness, Yoda Benno. I think my favorite part is when he put the prayers beads I bought in Bhutan around his neck.

And of course, this Yoda only works without a shirt!

I don’t know if Jacob is taking it in, but Yoda Benno I’m listening. Boy am I listening and thank you for the moment of silence today. 

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  1. I absolutely LOVE ❤️ Benno’s class!!! He is so smart and what a great idea to create a meditation studio. The music is great too. I feel the effects even with the short video 😝😍

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