Dear You

Dear you,

Thank you. Thank you for being there.

You came right when you were needed most.

You see the world is confusing and so upsetting. It seems that humanity is forever doomed to a life of conflict and pain. How we fight neighbors. And hate for some reason sells best. 

Its a bit overwhelming.

We don’t even know where to begin to right the wrongs and that just leaves the world in an endless loop of chaos. Problems piling on problems. It’s a place of defeat and powerlessness as you watch your children inherit a world and planet that may be inhabitable physically and culturally. I know I had enough, but then it all went too far.

Jacob’s diagnosis. That was the breaking point for sure.

I was convinced that the world was not good. And to be honest I was not sure if I could take more of it. There were some real dark moments where I was unsure if I wanted the sun to rise. Why? To only watch it burn in flames?

But then this happened. 

You happened.

I recall the first moment when Jacob and I were living in the hospital and package after package showed up bearing this symbol.

And then the letters. The emails. Some from people who I thought “hated” me. From people that I’ve had hard conversations with. And all of you stood by our family. All of you stood by Jacob.

Yes I’m talking to you.

And you called yourself, “Friends of Nightwing”

You showed us what the world can be.

A world of superheros

The countless times you have picked my family off the ground. Sending shabbat meals, praying for him, baking challah, throwing fundraisers to help raise money for cancer, running in his honor, sending pictures of ducks when you are on your vacation, sending funny cartoons in the mail to make me smile, oh and, of course, FLICKING (lots of that). I can’t even begin to tell you what a mark it left on me. 

A real mark.

It made me believe in the world again. It made our family get through these horrific months. It is truly beautiful. This is what beauty looks like. Kindness. 

And while I wish I could erase much of the recent past, this I want to remember forever. Your mark. I want to remember YOU forever. 

Turns out I’m not alone on this. Even the Steve Brody was touched. He too wants this memory.

I know this is an odd way to say thank you, but this tattoo is a promise to live up to your friendships. Be there for you too.

And when things feel dark, all I need to look down and see you, the friends. Not alone. You’re right there.

With gratitude and Love,


PS- pretty bad ass right?!

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