This wasn’t supposed to happen

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Steve kept repeating that phrase last night. I kept nodding along.

It was round 15 of our Kobe Bryant talks. Like you and the rest of the country, the wind was knocked out of us and we can’t shake this tragedy. Not because we are fans. Oh we are definitely not fans. I couldn’t tell you what team he played for or even what sport (until now obviously). I’m serious, I know nothing about sports. We don’t watch them and we have never followed them. I even have no idea who is playing in the Superbowl. The only reason I know about the Superbowl coming up is that Bloomberg has an ad in it. Oh and I also know JLo and Shakira are performing. That is important stuff. That I know! You don’t miss JLo!

So it’s not adoration that keeps us captivated. Its the suddenness. How someone’s life can be taken in a flash. POOF.

Steve is, of course, obsessed with the tech part of it. Steve at one point was learning to fly helicopters. He even built himself a flight simulator at our home to keep practicing. He designed the entire thing, each piece 3-D printed from his own designs. Here is the day he finished it:) 

And here is our family waiting for him to land from a lesson.

 A Heroes welcome home.

He, therefore, knows a lot about helicopters and the helicopter that Kobe was flying is Steve’s dream helicopter, the one that one day he hoped to fly. And Steve keeps reading the insider reports from industry experts and he is still confounded how this happened. A pilot with a stellar career and one of the safest crafts. It makes no sense. 

His conclusion: This wasn’t supposed to happen.

He was emotional talking about it. He was grieving. He kept repeating This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Ain’t that the truth, my love.

None of this wasn’t supposed to happen.

My heart breaks for the victims in that helicopter. That wasn’t supposed to happen to those families. NONE of it was supposed to happen.

But yet…here we are.

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