The theme song in more than a theme song, I’m using it as a mantra. 

Mantras are a real thing. A scientifically proven tool that has been around for centuries. And guess what? No SIDES included.

You see them in every culture. Monks chanting. Schools cheering. Companies pitching. They exist because they help define your thinking. “I think therefore I am.” What we think is what we value. Mantras help us define our inputs, overload them if you will. The repetitive often jingle like tone to them help you crowd out the inputs that don’t serve us. 

So Imagine Dragons,  I’m taking your song and making it a mantra. 



Ahh…try it.


Important to get the beat right. YES (pause) TER (pause) DAY. And say it with an exhale. 

So moving forward when I feel those thoughts creep in. When I can’t forget some horror or even something small that doesn’t serve me, I will say goodbye to YESTERDAY. 

Here is a link to the entire song’s lyrics if interested. It is worth it. 

A new day you can go, you can do anything you wanna

It’s your place, wing low, go high

Anywhere you wanna

You can reach for the moon

Anywhere your dreams can take you

Go astray, fade away

Just leave it to

Here’s to my future

Here’s to my yes-ter-day

Here’s to change

Oh, here’s to my yes-ter-day

No tomorrow without a yes-ter-day

Here’s to my future

Goodbye to yes-ter-day


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