What can you imagine?

Can you imagine cows jumping over the moon to fall asleep?

Can you imagine yourself flying?

Try going BIGGER.

Over here we are imagining big. We are imagining dragons. Dragons with a mission. Dragons who use their fire to help others. Dragons who use their platform to make the world a better place. 

We are talking about the Imagine Dragons, as in the greatest band ever. Last night we were their guests (with the help of BMW) to their private concert and we got to meet them and thank them for what they do. Thank them for using their gift for good.

So thank you Dan, Ben, Wayne, and Daniel. Thank you for not only allowing us to crash your gig, giving the boys the best FIRST concert of their lives (oh this is how they are spoiled brats! lol). But foremost,  for speaking for those who can’t speak. Pediatric cancer gets less funding than any other cancer even though its cancer rates are rising fast! People like you matter. These children are not heard. For years pediatric wards were in the basement of hospitals, too depressing to deserve light. No hope.

But you heard one of the children in the dark. You heard Tyler Robinson, who you sang to. Who you championed. And when he sadly lost his fight against cancer, you continued to fight on his behalf. 

You were forever changed by this young man and now we are forever changed by you. Our children saw that music has power. I would argue a power to heal.

There was some healing last night happening. It was just magical. It reminded me how blessed we are and how the world is full of good people like you.

I do owe you dragons an apology though. When you turned down the lights and spoke to Jacob and sang him his favorite song, he was sleeping. I saw you looking for him in the crowd. This cancer patient doesn’t make it past 10pm,  but know that Steve and I heard it. We heard you mention the love you have for your three kids. We appreciate your words, parent to parent. No child should suffer from this disease. We know you get it.

And you brought the THUNDER for our Jacob.

And you know what happens next, IT RAINED.

Thank you for the storm. 

Thank you for your voices. 

Thank you for bringing your music to this world and your message. 

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  1. So many feeling. Glad you had a great experience with the kids. Missing you. Can I see you when you are back? Bring something for you? For Jacob? I love ya

    Jamie Roy 917-576-5228


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