Tech positive

Let me be clear, I am not suggesting we all go live in the woods. I am NOT suggesting that we stop using our phones and live like the Amish. 

I mean I guess you could, but count me out. No thank you. I’ll pass.

That is nothing I’m willing to do nor believe for a second I am capable of. I’m a tech addict.  

But aren’t we all? 

 Technology is no longer an add on to life but is integrated into our being. We all have that moment of panic when we can’t find our phone. How will we function?!

The answer: WE CAN’T. 

We don’t just “want” technology, we now “need” technology. And it’s not going anywhere. There is no stopping advancement. There is no stopping progress. Technology is now one with our species. We are developing, and I would argue, evolving, cognitively with this crutch. I can speak personally to education, which is changing due to technology not just in our methodology, but in content as well. Since the information age, educators now question what is essential ”knowledge.” Is it important for our children to be able to label countries on a blank map When that information is right in front of them with a click? Do they need to be able to write cursive or even read it? Is it necessary to memorize the endless dates of history? Or are the themes and debates of their outcomes of more value in the age of tech? Technology is changing what we value as inputs. 

And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Think of all the things we can teach in their place! 

As adults we see it. Our phones are an extension of ourselves. They even customize to fit us. They represent what makes us tic.  Open someone’s phones and you will learn a lot more about them than even in their closet. You will see what they value (and most likely their children) by the apps on it. You will see their memories and what they choose to photograph.

And we function differently with our technology. I remember the days of having to pay attention to the street names as I passed as I surely would need to find my way back home, but now I just dreamily move through the city knowing that I have a map app right in my hand. It will even tell me to turn over my music of choice. And with that extra mental capacity of working memory, I think of other things, things of interest. 

Technology has changed everything.

And I’m a fan! Let me be clear, I’m a fan.  No fun killer here.

 I still think the pros out weigh the cons, but that is only if we understand the cons so we can solve them.

And THAT is where I take issue. I take issue with the lack of knowledge and understanding. For example 5G. We (United States) is rolling it out without one bit of understanding of its effects. And even the little understandings we do have are based on people like SAM. Its pretty mind-boggling to me especially as cancer mom. Progress in the cancer world is painfully slow. You can’t put a pill in a person’s mouth without researching its possible effects for years, but yet you are allowed to broadcast an electromagnetic field with a click. Somethings don’t compute! It makes my brain hurt.

It makes you want to pretend it away, but we can’t as we are all part of an experiment. Or rather your children are. They are the first generation to be bathed daily in these fields of radiation as children who are 10x more absorbent that an adult. They are the lab rats. The study is on. It is happening and it is happening live. So we can’t pretend. We can’t just scroll through our days. 

We need standards and reform and I’m talking to anyone who will listen.

Yesterday I met with the health care policy team at Bloomberg. I gave them my rally cry and they listened. What saddened me is that this is NEW news to them too, but 100% in step with their commitment to the environment and health. It felt good to have a listening ear. Isn’t that what we all want in life? A listening ear.

And I am hopeful. Not just because people are willing to listen, but that if we address the problem, we can fix it.

I mean living stem cell robots exist now. Who says that we couldn’t find a way to negate the EMF floating in the world? 

But we can’t solve it without acknowledging it. 

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