Rainy Day Post (ABBY READ)

I just realized something that needs to be recorded. 

It has been 7 months of cancer mom. In just 7 months everything I’ve known has changed. My children have morphed completely in my eyes to unrecognizable men with interests and skills that were never on the horizon. My career and passions have done a 180. Even my marriage feels different. Seriously everything is unrecognizable and that has made me sad.


But I’ve done this before. Everything has changed before. 

Sure it was different, but I’ve done this before. 

7 months have happened before. 

Between Steve’s cancer and Jacob’s cancer, was exactly seven months. Hard to wrap my mind around that as those seven months were also a complete 180. And this one was chosen. WE choose to completely change our lives. And boy did we.

And I write to read this. 

Nothing is set in stone. 

Nothing is ever forever and I have agency in that. There will more 7 months ahead.

Abby you reading?! You remembering?  You have done this before and you will do it again.

PROOF below. (I know you need proof…forgetful you are!).

Remember the following after Steve was cancer-free. You did ALL this in just 7 months. You changed all of your priorities and what mattered.

You went from fear to fearlessness. You were strong and unafraid.

You went from ego to egoless. Admitting that Avenues was not the right education setting for Benno was hard. How can you pull your child from an educational philosophy that you helped create for every child to find success in the 21st century and admitting that it doesn’t include all, even your own child. Benno’s last day below.

You went from working 6am-7pm and putting every person’s child before your own. To picking uo your kids from school and doing simple activities together like walking the high line.

You went from stressed-out mom coming home from a long day to being available and even fun.

Even Captain Steve let his silly side out. Of course, multitasking while driving the boat:)

You decided that your future direction in education will make an impact to make sure no child would ever feel like you did, unprepared and helpless. You were going to equip the next generation of the skills to find happiness and survival.

You founded your own business. You were future bound.

You went from far-out dreams to dreams of the now. Instead of waiting until your 50’s sailing away, as was always the plan, you realized that life is short and sailed away in your 30’s. 

You sailed with no itinerary. We ADVENTURED. We bought not a home, but a lifestyle. We decided to be sailors.

We went where the wind blew and that included: Miami, Boca, Fort Lauderdale, St. Augustine, Fort Pierce, Cape Canaveral, New Smyrna Beach, Charleston, Kiwah, Long Beach Island, Port Jefferson, Brooklyn. We captained it ourselves. We were literally a CREW. A CREW of Brodys.

Even to Space!

I took my knowledge of learning and applied it to my own children by creating curriculums based on their interests. Benno’s assessment after reading about boating rules. 

Benno finishing his captain course where he moved up an entire reading level!

I started moving again (my way). I started dancing again and committed to living in LIVE sounds finding live music at ports and dive bars with a special interest in anything Tom Petty. 

I valued my friends in new ways and made time for them. I recognized how lucky I was to have my closest friends from High School and College still in my life.  I even SAW people! Evidence below.

And we lived a creed of adventure.

And every day felt thankful for given this man back. That his life was spared from a disease that takes too many fathers, mothers, and children. That we would live every day like the last. 

And we did.

And, yes, that changed drastically. POOF! 7 months. POOF! GONE!

But guess what there are a lot of seven months ahead.

So CHEERS! Cheers to seven months. Cheers to 180s. Screw that. Cheers to 360s. 

Abby, this too shall pass.

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