Inner warrior

What is your coffee table book of choice?

Here’s ours. 

This I could have never planned. 

If someone told me 7 months ago that my family would be war-obsessed and that Benno would be in an archery league I would have a  laughed. I’m a pacifist, but it turns out I married a warrior and I gave birth to two more. And this includes Benno. The son who is afraid of escalators and trains. But yet is shooting arrows. And now is the owner of a what Jacob calls “Hawkeye’s bow.”

War, battle, fighting this has become the family norm. Some battles by choice and others not.

So what is a pacifist to do? If you can’t beat them…you join them!

Last night Steve and I had a “date” night. He took me to the archery range. Looking pretty badass huh? 

Turns out a lot can happen in seven months. Your whole world can flip and you can find your inner warrior/ pirate!

That’s my target. BOOYA!

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