The beat of life has changed. 

June-November looked like this.

Long long stretches of hospital days and nights. Long long stretches of sickness.  Long long stretches never knowing when a peak/high could hit. Never knowing when you would see the light. Never knowing if you would see above the water that you felt was constantly drowning you. 

But recently the beat has changed. 

It looks more like this.

Sure life is still a ride (understatement of the year), but the ups are coming more frequently. At least we see them more. This week I got to see so many highs and when the drops came (vomit, pain etc.) we knew that there was a high around the corner. 

Finally, I believe that the sun will rise tomorrow. For a bit, I wasn’t so sure. 

And the highs recently have been BEYOND high. Maybe that’s how it works. Everything does have an equal and opposite reaction, right? Am I in store for a decade of highs? 

Here are some of the highs for me to read later.

Recue1Plus had its first gig!  Benno taught CPR to a girl’s scouts group. It was AMAZING. Turns out teaching is a genetic trait. I have a whole slew of teachers in my family and the gene keeps passing itself down. Benno has got it for sure!

Look at him!

I wish you could have been there. For my educator friends, you should know that he had hands-on activities. He circled the room asking questions, he even used visuals. (I may have had a bit to do with it….okay maybe a bit more than a bit, but it was HIS show for sure!). He even thought about bringing his ipad to keep his notes open to refer to. Proud teacher mama.

And to not be outdone, Jacob continues to amaze us. Even after two weeks of hell, he shows strength and resilience. He learned to do his own labs. He now takes his own blood. And after a particularly bad infusion of immunotherapy where his blood pressure was dangerously low, he came home after that trauma and insisted on taking Benno’s DJ lesson. I’m serious. He took a lesson! 

And what did he decide his name should be? DJ DUCK! But of course. Quack Quack!

And because of the strength of DJ Duck, I was able to go out and see an incredible sight.

A sight of hope. A sight of a leader that gets things DONE. The beginning of resolutions. The beginning of fixing things. 

And I had the best date of all. My mom! Nothing like watching women of all generations come together to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

And I was honored to be in the Women for Mike video (wait for it…I’m at the end).

This is a beat I can get down to. This is the beat I can tap my feet to. 

This beat has heart.

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