I ran two miles. It was not fun. I was not fast and the idea of doing it longer makes me want to cry. Did you know that a marathon is 26.2 miles?! I mean what is that?!

What have I done? What was I thinking?!

Many of you (again) were ahead of me . I got a lot of responses from my marathon declaration. One Nightwing friend was quick to point out that this was one of my dumber ideas. Maybe just shoot for working out? A marathon seems a bit aggressive. Maybe you missed some key progressive steps here? What about a danceathon? I can see you surviving that.

And others of you have been super into it. Some even willing to run with me! But as I run, I’m more and more drawn to walking. As this running thing is HARD. So I’ve been doing some research as I’m not backing down. Nope. We have cancer to cure with these dollars. AND it turns out walking is an Olympic sport. BOOYA! Take that haters. Sure its not the coolest looking thing, but I got to beat that bus. So watch me walk.

Video for proof that this is a REAL sport.

So according to this video, I need to train for speed walking. No worries I did research on that. I’ve got it covered and I think I found my trainers in these lovely ladies.

They are just my speed. They have it going on. Training, shopping, sitting, massage, and they do this in the training facility of my dreams. This I can do. 

I’m officially becoming a mall walker.

So if you’re looking for me I’ll be at the Jamba Juice for my juice break around noon where I meet my fellow senior citizens for some prune juice. Got to keep up the fiber!

Let the training begin!

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  1. I have a friend who has run two 100 mile marathons. How did he get through it mentally? He never thought…80 miles to go. He always thought…one more mile.  Then…one more mile. The whole time.  Changes your mindset completely! You got this! 

  2. Woohoo Abby, you got this!! So excited for you! I’m training for my first marathon this year too. I’ll be rooting for you. Always thinking about/missing you guys!

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