Jacob Update

How’s Jacob doing?

He’s doing all that can be “e” word. This week is a tough one. He has had five straight days of chemo and on two of them, he had immunotherapy. We have had one night run to the hospital and today we are on our second visit to the hospital. First visit 4.5 hours and this one will be another 3 hours, but most likely it will save us from the midnight run to the hospital tonight so oddly thankful.

Today his port had to be accessed twice which makes him truly the bravest boy. That needle is freaking big. I’m not sure I could do it. Can you imagine someone sticking two two-inch needles into your chest? But he does.  

He does cancer. 

And he is feeling it this round. He has nausea. He has fevers. He has pain. 

But it’s his “new normal” which a friend of Nightwing pointed out to me as the second most annoying phrase after “to be expected.” But it’s true. This is his normal. He asks questions like “how many days until I stop throwing up?” 

So that is what is going on. We are all living in our new normal and it is all to be expected. 

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  1. OMG Abby, just good heavens. Do you want a hug? A visitor? Can I see you next week? I’m just sitting here and it feels shitty and I feel helpless.

    Anything at all you need or want to make any of this slightly more bearable – and it’s yours. Just say the word. Xx

    Jamie Roy 917-576-5228



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