I bet on Jacob

I bet on Jacob. 

That’s the only truth in this whole experience. I bet on him.

He will be able to do it. He will be okay. He is the strength here.

Last night was another run to the hospital. Another night of waking up Jacob from a deep slumber to tell him we are going to the hospital. He had fever. You can imagine how well that goes. Many of you know what waking a sleeping child is like, but add “hospital” to that scenario. Oy.

But he did it. 

He always does.

I don’t know who was more in awe of him during his immunotherapy yesterday his parents or the doctors as he sat up and declared he was ready and didn’t cry or scream when the pain started but monitored his own meds letting us know when to up the drugs.

And here he is at 2AM flushing his own IV lines. Nurse Jacob! And soon we start his daily shots and Jacob has shown interest in doing that too. 

I bet on him. 

I’m all in on him.

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