Steve’s birthday


It’s your birthday today and you have decided to let a year turn. Like the boys, you were unconvinced in not growing a year older. Oddly, you like growing older. I guess each year you get a bit closer in matching that 80-year-old man inside. So another year older you turn. And while we are going to mark this day by letting it pass, we will do it together.

As a team.

We will spend today together in our immunotherapy positions. I will be in charge of oxygen blowing and distractions and you will keep time and monitor the dispensing of narcotics. We will work like a well-oiled machine and then head home and await the fever. And then together we will go to the hospital. 



The way we like it.

On your birthday I want you to know that I don’t just adore you and love you, but appreciate you. You are a man like no other. You have the ability to do it all. Literally everything. And I appreciate how patient you are when you allow me to do things. We all know that they are never to your satisfaction. We all know you can do better as you except nothing but precision and perfection.

And your skills now include life-saving like you have done with our Jacob. You know that you have just as much to do with his progress as the doctors. I would argue more.  You know more often. Alerting the team to new therapies.

You are our world. You are our everything.

Happy birthday Captain.

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