Are we having a magnetic field reversal?

To understand the WHY and to understand the piss pool, you need to understand the pool prior to the piss. What chemicals natural exist in our pool?

Do we really understand our habitat? Do we really understand the inputs and outputs? Do we really understand the energy and its transfers?

So posting this video that I have YET to understand. I use YET on purpose. We should use YET more. Anything can be learned…even this video.

But it will take time.

I only post it so I can read this later and watch it again (and again). So I can stop, think, research and learn.

I have YET to understand this.

Wait…do you?! If yes, any chance you are up for a tutorial?

If you do watch and make it this far, you will hear some good science humor. 

You know how the famous song goes… Magnets how do they work? Oy. Science humor has a long way to go!

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