Time to get it on.

Oh, it’s on. 

We have a whole lot of celebrating to do and I plan on doing it!

My favorite holiday is upon us and we have been blessed by miracles. So many miracles! Thanks to all of you.

It’s time to give back. Our family has been at the receiving end of so much love, all I want to  do is give. And it’s true, giving is better than receiving. It’s just physics. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Giving love to others is the best. Watching my friends and family ring in the New Year together is such a blessing. I want to make it special for them.

So I’m prepping for 42 adults for dinner and 38 children sleeping in our Gatsby Village (tents!). Nothing makes me happier than a whole lot of kids so this is my personal paradise. I’m counting the seconds. 

I just finished my yearly art project making table arrangements. I did my annual Christmas clearance sale big box store trek:) What do you think?

And I could not resist this Lady Gaga New Years glasses. YES PLEASE!
DJ Unplugged has his own edition.

We wish you ALL could be here, but please know that the Brodys wish you the happiest and HEALTHIEST New Year!

Hope you can feel the LOVE.

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