Ned came knocking

Just when you think the Hanukkah miracles are over here comes another!!!

The doctor called with the bone marrow results and he finally introduced us to Ned, we met NED!  As in the NO EVIDENCE of DISEASE, Ned. Those words were spoken aloud.

And Ned is the greatest human I’ve ever met. I love this man so much. I may need to leave Steve for him! He is one sexy thing. 

And for those who are confused as to what this means. It means that Jacob’s bone cancer (the cancer we were most concerned about as it was everywhere, including the skull) is GONE. We aren’t fully NED.  We still have a small residual mass, but HE IS GOING BE OKAY. HE IS GOING TO BE OKAY!

He will get through this. He will!

Thanks to all of you who believed even when things looked otherwise. 


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  1. Thank you for sharing this All the light is on in my soul! I am in love with this moment God bless you all ❤️

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  2. Best news ever. Sending much love from Minneapolis. Praying for him daily. Xx Sarah

  3. What amazing and beautiful and hopeful news So happy for Jacob and for you and STEVE. Much love ANN and David Glew.

  4. Literally the best news!! So happy for you all, happy happy Chanukah! Love and light xxx

  5. Yayyyyyyyy!! This is what we’ve been praying for you every night! So happy to hear this Abby! Much love, Maren

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