One lesson through all of this is no matter how prepared, no matter how planned, no matter how confident you may feel about what you know as fact, things can change. We are all just leaves in the wind. 

Nothing is set in stone. Nothing is forever and life can be full of surprises (good and bad).

I got one yesterday. It was nothing short of another Hanukkah miracle!

And I SWEAR I had nothing to do with this miracle! Many of you will think I pushed this. And trust me I would have if I thought in a million years my anti dancing children would show interest, I would have! Anytime I attempt to dance it is always “MOM! STOP!”

And since I have a real condition that I can’t not move to music, this is an often request in my home. “Can you stop mom?!” It has killed me that my children don’t dance, but I accepted it and moved on.

But then this happened!


Please note my Hannukah/Christmas Sweater from the Office (Jacob’s favorite show). Got to show some holiday spirit people!

Out of the blue Jacob asked me to teach him how to tap dance. And guess who else is showing interest?! BENNO! 

This could NOT make me happier. Truly. This is truly my favorite teaching assignment EVER!!! 

Tap has played a special role in my life. It is part of the many of the markers on my timeline. My father and I have tapped together for life-defining moments like my bat-mitzvah and wedding. And it looks like this tradition will carry on with my children. 

And I caught this. Not sure what I’m more excited about. That Jacob is tapping or TEACHING!

Happy Hanukkah Dad! Hope you read this:)

Off to buy tap shoes. 

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