Look for the light

Sometimes we need a sign and that is what this time is all about. Hanukkah, Christmas, etc. it reminds that some things are inexplicable. Some things you can’t understand. Somethings are just bigger. 

Sometimes we just need a little light.

Life can be full of “magic.” Sure we will try our best to explain it away, that’s what we rational adults do, but for a second this holiday season, I challenge you to just let that go and let yourself believe in a little magic.

I for sure do.

And as this kid Hanukkah video explains (recommend to show to your kids!), that this holiday is a reminder that we are not alone. Even in the darkest of dark times, you are not alone. 

Just look for the light.

And it’s glowing over here. 

Last night we joined a fellow Nightwing family who invited us to their Hanukkah table. Of course, we could not think past Friday, we could make no plans! We didn’t know if we would be in the hospital yesterday or not, our lives did not exist past December 20th. Hanukkah was not on our agenda, but you have jumped in as always. Even thinking to buy our kids presents knowing that most likely we had not. So touched. Beyond touched. It was a beautiful evening. 

And this superhero is living life! He was very insistent I share this video. I must remark that this is only 24 hours after a procedure for his bone marrow sample, but no stopping this kid! Cancer nor sliding doors scare this kid, lol. 

Happy Holidays

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