Maybe a pirate. 

That could be my new life. 

I keep thinking about what happens next. What happens when this is all over. What happens when we return to our “old” life.  It’s a frustrating game to play (but yet I can’t stop playing) as there is no ability to plan. We have no idea what the future will bring. We can’t plan past the 20th, but I often question what will life be after all of this. 

It will definitely be something different. A  pirate would be an interesting choice. 

I would be good at that. I could be the Robinhood of pirates. Take from the rich and give to the poor. Want a car, I’ve got you covered.

Boats, speed, and danger. I like all of that.

Look at Steve and I overtaking a freighter at night. Look at us go!

We spotted it. It was a full moon. Time to attack!

I like feeling small. Boy, we’re we small. A small dingy next to a giant monster. But the load of possibility felt endless. Loads of booty:)

Thankful for the moment. Thankful for the possibility. Thankful that pirates no longer require eye patches, because that is not a good look.

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