The cure to December

There is a cure to a long December. There is. 

It requires a newborn and an airplane, so you too can be cured. If you need a baby just borrow my friend Lauren’s, she now has three so there is one to spare. But seriously holding a baby can cure any blues. You can’t help but smile. You’re holding life. You’re holding a miracle. 

This weekend we hunkered with family as Jacob’s immunity is low (WBC count is down), but only low in immunity, definitely not in spirit!  Does this look like a sick child to you? Not me.

Jacob is doing GREAT. He has not stopped playing and eating. And by Saturday he had deflated from the immunotherapy of the week and started looking like himself again. And we have hair. Not just on our head, but his superpower is back. Not only does he have lashes, but they are also, as full as ever, almost back to their original length. He looks so handsome.

And like smart New York Jews discovered years ago, the land of Florida can cure-all. Going to Florida was Jacob’s request for his birthday. Actually, the exact request was to go to Fisher Island to have their “sausage from the market.” A Nightwing friend told him we will make him a tower of sausage for a birthday cake to continue the celebration there. This very much pleased Jacob. He has not stopped talking about his sausage cake!

We will head to Florida in two days (fingers crossed!) and attempt to sail! We are going back to living on our boat. We will have 8 days of no hospital pricks for Jacob. No chemo! No immunotherapy! Tomorrow he gets de-accessed so he can be tube free too. And the doctor has ordered swimming, ice cream, and fun:) Since we will need to be local during the break, this is the time to go.

We are all VERY much looking forward to this. 

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  1. Have the best trip!!! ✈️✈️✈️⛵️⛵️⛵️🛥🛥🛥 Jacob looks terrific ❤️

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