Britney Spears Moment

I think it’s time for my Britney Spears moment.

 I always thought it would look like this.

My secret dance career in my mirror…maybe that would take off?

But it turns out my Britney Spears moment will look more like this:

Feeling the need for a change. 

I get you Britney. Sometimes you just have had enough of the life you just want to shed it. I get the need to take a razor to your head.

However…unlike what seems to be true in your case, I have a community that is here to catch me if I fall. So no I won’t be taking a razor to my head. No. My friends wouldn’t allow that. I can’t imagine that being bald is the solution. So I went to Josie…a fellow Nightwing who is going to make sure I look at least fab in my Britney moment.

And here it is! The new me.

December just got shorter

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  1. Gorgeous!!!!!!!

    Morgan Shara Founder and President

    MASBISJOUX @masbisjoux @mascreativeconsulting

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