He always nails it.

He always nails it. 

Right on the head. 

He slips them in perfectly, little zingers. Sometimes life with Benno feels like one long roast. I’m usually the roasted one.

Yesterday he told me this:

“You need to do a better job mom. You keep switching nannies on me. You always pick the young, hip guys who make terrible life decisions and then we need to get rid of them. I’m over it. So over it. We need someone more responsible.”

I swear that is the lecture he gave to me and of course he nailed it. He did. He’s right.

And last night was no different. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture it the first time. I asked him, how do I look. His response? 

“Do you really want to know?” only to continue before I could answer. “A cowgirl, pig farmer. You look plain ridiculous. Lose the ring at least. It’s too flashy.”

And he’s right. That is exactly what I looked like. He isn’t one to mince words. 

In my defense.  I wasn’t working with much. It’s not like we planned to go out. We just saw that Jacob had no fever and we never know what tomorrow will bring so we felt it would be “healthy” to get out. So Steve and I went out. We even saw people. However, going out is not as easy as I remember. I knew I didn’t quite fit into my jeans. But then I found a rent the runway bag from September that I never opened and found a dress. The old me liked to wear different things. Try different styles. I liked to play dress up. Owning things have never really mattered to me. And I don’t need designer clothes. I actually find that cheating. Those who can mix and match expensive with cheap…that is talent. I consider myself one of those talented people. 

But I did look like a little like a cowgirl meets a pig farmer. I see his truth. I asked him again what he thinks of my outfit to get it on film. Here is it. I think my favorite moment here is when Benno recommends I put in “false hair.”

I can’t even share the better pictures without the coat. Too much pride. Too far I have fallen. But he nailed it. I looked ridiculous, but it only matches my life so it felt fitting. 

Oh, and the picture is in our building’s hallway. Have I shared that we are under construction? Of course, we are. 

So the big news is we went out. Like out of the building out. BIG STUFF.

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  1. Oh Benno I love him. Still remember when we visited and he asked me where I was going when we were out the door and he said, “See ya later alligator”…he was like 2/3! So talkative. And I love that you went out and your outfit 🙌

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