Chicken or the egg?

Chicken or the egg?

Which one is it?

Is it that cancer chooses special children or children with cancer become special?

It’s unclear, but one thing is undeniable, special children belong to this world.

I have met so many of these children. These children are different than their peers and I’m not talking about bald heads and IV sticks as accessories, they are wise. So wise. It may be due to exposure. Living in a world of adults and adult words, but it seems more than that. 

Do you think special children are chosen? Chosen to bring awareness? Is it a rallying cry needed to right society? A good reminder that there is a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving? Is that the purpose?

Or that they are the only ones with a chance of survival? They are the ones who are most capable?

For example, my Aunt Ann spoke to someone at her local Chabad about Jacob and they asked for his birthday. Turns out Jacob was born on the fifth night of Hanukkah. The fifth night is the “darkest night” because it is the only night of Hanukkah that can not fall on Shabbat. The fifth candle has extra work to do in bringing light to the darkness. The fifth candle has extra power to bring holiness to our world…to illuminate even the greatest darkness.

Is that it? Are our children unique? Are they able to live in darkness?

And I know that not every child can.

I have my own control study. We know Jacob’s cancer was caused by environmental hits, but I have another child in the exact same environment. Same school. Same after school. Same food. Same apartment. Same everything. 

But no cancer there. 

And thank goodness! Benno would have never been able to do this. Never and I don’t mean that as an insult to Benno. I feel the same about myself. I’m sure you may feel the same too. Benno and I would NEVER have been capable of this life that Jacob leads. Benno misses nights of sleep due to a wiggly tooth. The pain is unbearable. He even asked for a dental camera last week so he can monitor the activity nervous for a chance of an infection.

He doesn’t fit the profile. 

The profile is in front of me right now, to the left and to the right. In all of the rooms. All of the chosen children with cancer. The strength. The patience. The ability to be the fifth candle. 

So what is it?

The chicken or the egg?

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