Theological debate

I have a theological debate that I cannot resolve and you are a key player.

I question the concept of an all-knowing being of good and I’ve got reasons. And it goes beyond this, it goes beyond Jacob’s illness, I have more proof of concern.  My issues reside in you. All of you.

Have you met my crew? Like, have you? I get that God and I may not have a close connection. I mean I have to rationally come to that conclusion. It was a hard pill to swallow, but at some point, you need to look at your return in investment and realize that this deal is falling through or at least not on even footed terms. So I am over that, but WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Seriously?! I know you. Some of you are literal saints. I’m talking spiritual gangsters from the reform to the ultra-orthodox. From super moms to rabbis, priests, etc.  I believe we have all religions covered. Our community is from all sorts of religions and beliefs. And many of you are angels. You are popping in my head as I write this. I would name a few of you, but the names just keep popping. I know so many GOOD people. Really GOOD people. I am honored to know you. If anyone has a direct line, it’s you.

And then there is the other end of the spectrum. Some of you are freaking cutthroat. Like crazy smart and wickedly devoted to making this worlds a better place. I have you too. Your deeds must have a direct line to heaven. You are creating heaven on earth.

Double whammy.

And while I am not perfect, I think you all are vouching for our family. I think I have your vote of confidence, even if you may not have always agreed with me, you know that I always did what I felt was for the greater good.  And that I only wish love and happiness for all.

So the prayers are endless.

 And they are happening everywhere. Even in places that advertise excellent reception. Many of you have gone to the Kotel in Jerusalem. Some of you at gravesites. In places of worship many of you go. And all the flicking around world that I can picture even at a dining room table. I know that there is an army of saints and kickass people speaking to some form of a higher being.  Everyone throwing up a prayer for Jacob.

That is a lot of prayers. Right?

So it just leaves a girl to wonder

And that’s what I do. Day and Night.

I get me, but what about you?

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