We know the drill

It’s 2:00 am and we are at the hospital. We were “e” wording it, even when he went to sleep without a fever, we didn’t call victory. We know better. We know we will be offered a whole host of sides and just like clockwork they appeared.

However, the experience is a whole lot different. 

We didn’t even need to speak to each other really. We all knew what to do and that includes Jacob who we woke up from a deep slumber, pointed to the stuffed animals that he would join him at the hospital, climbed down from his bed, let us put on his jacket and shoes, and off we went. No questions asked. No demands. No cries. 

We all know the drill and that drill will be on repeat for the next 2 weeks.

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  1. Your difficult journey is teaching us so many lessons on courage. Your family and little Jacob are an inspiration.
    God bless you are on our prayers.
    Giselle and Jack

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