Day 1 (again). This one is a doozy

Today is day 1 (again). I know better than to say the last one. We just don’t know, but maybe…

And it’s a doozy.

Due to the holiday, we are not just getting chemo, but also, immunotherapy. Not the best welcome back gift. Poor Jacob. Got a taste of feeling good, just to be knocked down again.

But here we are. Gearing up to go down, the count down. 

The craziest part is how normalized it all has become. All the sick kids in the waiting room. They used to stop me dead in my tracks. No longer. I just walk by. The girl who just vomited all over the floor onto my shoes. No problem. I know that color vomit. I was even able to guess what chemo she was on. 

I’m back in my habitat. Cancer mom lives at the hospital and Jacob walked in eager to see his home away from home. Creatures of habit we are.

We are back. Hoping for an easier time…

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