A little heart

we went out Saturday night.

It has been a while (to say the least). 

It’s hard to get out of the sweats. It’s hard to not just force sleep to make the days go faster. It’s hard to find clothes to fit into. But last night we went out. Sure it wasn’t far, but it wasn’t the convenience that got me there, it was the heart. 

You should always show up for the heart. You never know when you will get to see it again. Not many times do you get to see someone’s heart. Sadly most people don’t show it. 

Unless you are lucky enough to be me. I would say its a coincidence that I have so many incredibly bold, creative, kickass and kind people in my life. But, I know there is no such thing. These people are in my movie. I put them there. 

And sometimes you just need to sing. 

Last night I got to sing. I got to sing and sing. To celebrate for no reason, but because you can. Because you are able to. You are alive. And if you have talent, SHOW it. Live your life for YOU. Do YOU. Be YOU and let the rest of us cheer you on. SHARE. I promise we will clap. Just be bold enough to ask us. 

So last night we went out to a night of QUEEN and singing, by our neighbors that put on a show of not just talent, but of love. It was a true labor of love. I think my favorite part was not just watching the show but watching everyone else watch the show, especially Rebecca (the wife of the talented pianist Stephen, our neighbors). I like watching people watch people they love do what they love. The best view is that one.

So stand up! And make those insecure too cool New Yorkers repeat after you. We will. Its just that no one ever asks.  And then take that throne ladies. 

And that is the greatest gift to give to your kids. Show them that you are fearless. And then they too can sing

So I went out last night and I got to sing next to my friends. 

It made me realize that music is that much sweeter when shared. That when this is over, I will continue to share. I will continue to do things just because we can. I will continue to do ridiculous things like chick Olympics. I will continue to do New Years. I will continue to do these seemingly silly traditions and things just because, when it boils down to it, it’s a night of singing with friends with a little heart.

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