Smitten chicken

Steve may kill me for posting this. 

He is a smitten chicken.🙂

I love my smitten chicken. My man loves chicks.

It honestly was only a matter of time. For those close with Steve they know he is an animal lover. He likes animals more than humans. He is now the most obsessed.

And, of course, we have decided to keep the chicks. How could we not?! They have been brought back life into our household. Life we desperately needed. I am counting the minutes until I am with those chicks. I hope they are as fun as ants.

However, we do have an issue with Skipper. He very much wants to “play” with the chicks! As soon as the chicks are old enough to the Hamptons, off they will go. If you are coming to our New Years Party you can meet the gang. The kids can all feed the chickens! New Years has gotten a whole lot better. Magician, Swimming, Lazer Tag, Photo Booth, and now CHICKS!

(On that note…if I didn’t send you an invite, please send me your email address. I know I missed a few of you!)

We have named a few of our chicks. Old me would probably have sent out baby name announcements. WAIT. That is a good idea and even made me laugh a bit. WOW. A feeling. Hmmm… maybe I should do this for my own well being. I could possibly still pull this off.  Stay tuned.

But for now please welcome: cutlet, parmesan, nugget, and soup. Feel free to send names. Steve is still unsure if we have 6 or 7 (lol) so we need more names.

And Steve,

I miss you. Cancer mom is hard. But solo cancer mom is impossible. I need my cancer dad. You are the only reason I am breathing. Looking forward to coming home in 52 hours (but who is counting?).

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