Slovakia, obviously

What did you do today?

Did you happen to go to Bratislava? If yes, sorry we missed you.

It was the hot bed of action as you can imagine, because traveling with kids is so much fun. Also everyone wants to go to Bratislava in November. This is the time. You know when it’s raining and freezing. Perfect!

And if you decide to travel, take Benno! Traveling with Benno gives one a unique perspective of the world. You get to taste every country’s take on pizza so yes we drove to Bratislava to eat at a pizzaria. Where else would one want to eat?!

I did convince them to go see the castle. That was semi successful. I preloaded Jacob with tales of battles. I made a game with Benno where we pretended we were royalty and we needed to pick the perfect room in the castle for our ball.

But upon the castle they discovered a hill and we spent our time running down it. History can’t compete with a running Hill.

So hallo from Slovakia

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